JDE Aéro International

Helicopter Company based in South Florida

Helicopter Leasing

Our Company is leasing helicopters to flight schools, commercial operators or pilots.

Flight Instruction

We are training pilots for the FAA Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Certifications and for the Instrument Rating. We are also providing Aircraft Transitions course and Flight Reviews.

Sightseeing, Tourism

Sightseeing flights

Helicopter Tourism for visiting pilots (circuits from 1/2 day to a few weeks).

Photos and Movies

Our pilots have been involved in aerial shots for magazines, commercials and movies. We have also provided pictures for development projects, real estate companies, boats owners, ...

Surveillance, Tracking, Damage Survey

With a background in Law Enforcement and Fire Service, we have provided custom solutions for governement specific needs.

Please contact us at contact @ jdeaero.com